Main characteristics and added value

Agenda management

  • Dynamic creation and update of your agenda

  • Smart management of your patient roster and booking

  • In-app display of documents

Meddy Care is the ideal digital companion to effortlessy manage your practice. Create and update your patient roster, assign time for each visit, manage your appointments and view your document history, in a simple and immediate way. Forget paper calendars, flimsy emails, post-it and little cards, thanks to the intuitive user interface, available both in desktop and mobile version.

Teleconsultation and message system

  • Medical examination in teleconference

  • Instant message system with patients and coworkers

  • Agile and safe communication. Maximum protection for your patients’ data.

The integrated videoconference system allows you to examine patients from a distance, without sacrificing the added value of face-to-face communication. Impaired or self-sufficient patients can benefit from your aid by simply connecting with their smartphones, tablets or PCs, without unnecessary risks due to uncomfortable travels. Additionally, the message system and the attachment manager converts service notices and document sharing into a pleasant routine that can be accomplished in an instant.

Your patients’ private data are always protected, thanks to the back-end infrastructure which fully adheres to the modern standards in terms of privacy and security.

…And much more!

  • Virtual news board for patients’ medical education

  • Request and direct download of documents, prescriptions and appointments

  • Vacation and shift management for your staff

The virtual news board allows you to inform patients about closing days, schedule shifts, useful medical tips and other important communications, by directly posting into the Meddy Care home page: reach every single one of your patients with a few clicks!

Avoid the risk of unnecessary and dangerous travels for your patients by sending reports and prescriptions which are easily downloadable from their profile.

You can even use Meddy Care to communicate with your coworkers, manage vacations and replacements, assign your visits yo your substitutes and much more.

Everything you need to simplify your work, even for big practices and clinics!

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